What should I keep and get rid of before moving?2021-08-31T17:44:03+00:00

Eliminate What You Don’t Want Or Need Before You Move. If You Haven’t Used In Over A Year, And It Isn’t A Valuable Family Heirloom, You Probably Don’t Need It. Donate It To A Charity, Sell It In A Garage Sale Or Get Rid Of It. There Is Little Sense In Paying Us To Move Items Which You Don’t Want And Won’t Use.

What should I not pack?2021-08-31T17:44:40+00:00

Carry Your Valuables And Necessary Medications With You. The Mover Is Not Responsible For These Items.

How should I pack the boxes?2021-08-31T17:45:21+00:00

Keep Your Boxes Light And Manageable. Be Careful Not To Overload The Cartons. If You Cannot Lift The Carton Easily, It Is Too Heavy! Keep The Weight Of A Single Box To Less Than 50 Pounds.

Can I use trash bags?2021-08-31T17:46:10+00:00

Use Appropriate Cartons When Packing. This Will Go A Long Way Towards Ensuring Your Goods Arrive Safely. Please Note That Plastic Trash Bags Are Not Appropriate Cartons Under Any Circumstances.

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